Formulation Development

What we offer

‘Formulation of innovative organic, natural and cruelty free products that work.’

Creo Skincare offers a unique product development service, working collaboratively with you to explore your vision, brand story and values.

We’ll guide you every step of the way from product ideation, research and development, prototype formulation and compliance, stability and preservative efficacy testing, packaging, graphic design and marketing.


Whether you are looking to develop a niche product to fill a gap in the market or upgrade an existing formulation to meet current market demands, you can rely on our product development expertise to turn your concept into a reality.

For smaller budgets, we offer a wide range of existing formulations that are available under private label agreement. These include: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser, Serum and Specialised Treatments.

Cosmetic Development Process

Our typical cosmetic development process incorporates four phases:


This is the foundation of our cosmetic development process, where we listen to your ideas and set the framework for your project.

Looking at current research and market trends we can start to define your point of difference and work together to bring your concept to life.

We will advise you on ingredient choice, product safety and stability, and feasibility in terms of natural and organic compliance.

Because budget is an important consideration of any product development, we estimate and clarify costing to ensure your vision is financially feasible.

Formulation Design 

Whether you have an idea for upgrading an existing formulation, a new product concept or just a list of ingredients, we will actively work with you to develop the best formulation to achieve your cosmetic product objectives. 

As soon as your vision and brief has been defined we start the search for the ingredients, utilising our extensive library of only the finest natural and organic ingredients found here in New Zealand or sourced sustainably from overseas.

Prototype Development 

Once your formulation is complete, our lab will prepare a prototype product sample for your evaluation. The products aesthetics and sensorials will be considered and if necessary, adjusted to meet your requirements before being ‘signed off’.

Contract Manufacturer Matching

A significant advantage of owning your cosmetic formula is the freedom to choose the best manufacturing partner for your specific needs. 

Drawing on our vast network of cosmetic contract manufacturers, we’ll match you with the most suitable manufacturer for your needs in terms of manufacturing volumes and product expertise.

Consultancy Fees

Our consultancy rate is from $85 per hour.

The cost of formulation development varies depending on the brief.

As part of our quote for research and development of each formula, a confidentiality agreement will be included.

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